What kind of art do you accept?

In the many years since our launch, we ‘ve not encountered any kind of art we can’t reproduce. Oversized art, noodles, cotton balls, popsicle sticks, and ceramics. For any extra large artwork, larger 3D or challenging pieces, there may be additional fees ranging from $5 – $20+ per piece. Most artwork sent in to us is considered regular art but if you have any questions about a particular piece, just ask us!

How many art pieces do you place on a page?

We place one piece of artwork per page to truly showcase each art piece. If you have smaller items, you can clip them together so that they are placed on the same page and be counted as one art piece, however the combined size of all the clipped pieces must be smaller than 11”x17”.


Do you count holiday / greeting cards front and inside one piece of art?

Yes, we will count the front/ back and inside of a card as one piece of art and place them on the same page.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes, we have the option of giving a package as a gift in a dollar figure. So if you would like to order the Red Wagon, the recipient will have recieive the code which is for the value of the Red Wagon. The Recipient has the option to just choose the Red Wagon package or upgrade to another package using the value of the gift certificate towards that purchase. Just look for the Gift Certificate button on the web page and choose a package. Once a certificate is purchased, download the gift certificate and all you need to do is fill in the gift certificate with the recipients name and redemption code. Our gift certificates make very unique and appreciated gifts.

How can I maximize the amount of artwork included in a book?

Small booklet pages can be scanned together and small items can be clipped together to be counted as one as long as the combined size is not larger than 11”x17”. We want you to be able to include as much artwork as possible while we maintain a healthy business.

How do I place my art in chronological order?

You can organize the artwork before sending it to us and we’ll do our best to scan it in that order but you’ll have full control of rearranging the art when you customize your book.

Can I edit my book after my art is sent in?

Absolutely! You will have full control over creating your book layout in your online account. You can rearrange images, add art titles and descriptions, design your book cover and create a dedication page with a photo of your child. Check out our “How To” video!

Can I choose to exclude some art in my book?

You will be able to opt some artwork out of the book if you decide you don’t want it included. You will be charged, however for all the artwork submitted since we’ve created the digital file for you.

Can you design the book for me?

Absolutely! Just let us know you’d like us to create your book for you when ordering and our professional graphics team will take it from there!

Can I add artwork after I send in my box?

You Betcha! Send the art to us in your own box and we’ll add the artwork to your gallery as well as add it to your art box for return.

Will all my art fit into one box?

Our boxes are very generous in size and the largest in the industry so as to accommodate all your artwork. Each box will fit up to 3 Dump Truck book packages, or up to 250 art pieces. If you have artwork that won’t fit into the box, then they may incur extra processing fees but you can still send it to us in your own box.

Do you ship internationally and to Alaska and Hawaii?

Yes, however we can’t supply our art collection box for you and extra shipping fees may apply for sending your book and art return. For international folks, just email us and we’ll send you a submittal form.

What is your return /cancelation policy?

If your box has been shipped to you, refunds or cancellations are no longer available but our packages don’t expire so you can decide to proceed at a later time.

Can’t I take my own photos of my kids’ art?

Yes you can and NO APP NEEDED! However it’s difficult to get a good quality photo of artwork that is worthy or viewing again let alone print. Our professional photographers and designers create an image that is the industry best. If you want to take your own photos of your kids’ art, any DIY photo book site can make the book for you.

Can I send in photos that I took of my kids’ art along with original art?

Only on special exceptions can we accept your art photos. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and cannot accept images that do not meet our standards.

What if I just want the art images digitized and not get the book?

We believe in showcasing your child’s artwork and our beautiful books allow you to do that. Just like a photo book, you can admire and share the memories easily when the book is on your coffee table or bookcase. Storing the art in a box in the basement is about the same as storing them on a hard drive. Most likely they won’t ever be seen again which is why we don’t offer a digital only package.

Will I get my artwork back?

We been creating kids’ art books since 2008 and we know from experience that most parents want the artwork back. Due to increased shipping costs, we no longer can include this our packages. After customizing your book, you can decide if you want the artwork back. Since our box is quite large, the art return fee is $19.00 in the continental US. Rates are higher to HI and AK.

Are there hidden fees?

Unlike other companies, we don’t nickle and dime you nor will we be vague about our pricing. All costs are clearly stated on our website.

How is Artimus Art different from other companies?

We launched the concept of turning kids artwork into archival books back in 2008. Since then we’ve been proven to create the highest quality art reproduction, which makes our books exceptional. Our books far exceeded our customers’ expectations and they absolutely love our books. Most have returned time and time again, year after year. It’s the quality and service along with amazing customer service that sets us apart. We stand by our product and will only accept happy customers!