Artimus Art Has Defined Digital Scrapbooking.

Old cards, letters, photos, memorabilia: Each piece carries a special memory. Take all the things that you’ve saved and turn them into a meaningful book so you can share your life with your family.

“We should be choosing what we want to keep, not what we want to get rid of.”

From Marie Kondo’s bestselling book, The Magical Art of Tidying Up

What is Digital Scrapbooking?

Artimus Art takes all the small mementos that you find difficult to toss and place them into a book. Your life in a book.

How does it work?

We will take your photos, cards & mementos and arrange them to fit together on a page. We try our best to include as many items as possible on one page. Since most of the pieces are different sizes, we can’t pre-determine how many pages your memento items will become. Both sides of cards / letters will be scanned and coordinated with other items to be placed on the same page. 3D items may be placed on one page alone depending on original size.

Once the pages are created with your items, they are uploaded to your gallery. Customers may rearrange pages once uploaded, add captions and design the cover & dedication page when building their book.

Pricing Starts: $300.00 for a 30 page book with a $50 deposit. $7.00/page after 30 pages. (one page can contain many pieces) We will send you a “Stuff” collection box with return label to place your memorabilia in. Then send it back to us using the included label. We will let you know when your box safely arrives.

Pricing includes: “Stuff” Collection Box w/ Return Label, Sorting, Graphic Design, book layout, print, bind, pdf preview and Book Ship Out. There is an additional $40 charge to have your box with memorabilia returned to you.

How to get started: Purchase the Digital Scrapbooking product in our e-commerce store and we’ll send you the “Stuff” Collection Box with the return label to get started. A $50 deposit includes the box and the return label. Your itemized balance due can be processed when you build and edit your book. It’s that easy.

Questions? Email us at [email protected]