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Congratulations! We know what a daunting project it is to gather your child’s artwork and turn it into a book! Luckily, Artimus Art has made the process easy for you. We designed our process so that you don’t have to over think it. Just get the box sent to you and it will motivate you to start preserving and organizing your child’s precious art!

Pick a Book Package

While we have 3 packages, you can customize how much art your particular package has. If you’re not sure how much you have, no worries, just sign up for the smallest Red Wagon with 30 art pieces and we’ll do the final counting for you. We’ll simply invoice you with the final tally. We recommend ordering down if you’re not sure how much art you have. You can always add art to any package.

The Red Wagon: starts at 30 art pieces
The Trolley: Starts at 50 art pieces
The Dump Truck: Starts at 80 art pieces.

Send Us Your Art

Sending out an Art Collection box with a return label was our big Ahaaaaaah moment back in 2008. Our Premium Books Packages include our Big Box to accommodate all kinds of real kid art. Our Standard Book Packages include our Standard Box which at 24″ x 14″ x 4″ is large enough to hold a large number of art pieces. If your artwork is too big to fit into our Standard Box, you may upgrade your box in our E-Store. For multiple orders to one household, only one box will be shipped. Each box can accommodate art for several books. There will be a bag for each package ordered to separate the art.

Your Online Galleries

Once we receive the artwork, each image is reproduced, color enhanced, gently restored, cleaned and sent to a private gallery in your account. In your gallery, you can:

Rearrange Your Art Images In Desired Order
Add Art Titles and Descriptions
Rotate your Image
Choose your Cover Design*

Select an image for your book cover
Upload a photo for a dedication page
Write a meaningful dedication
Order extra book copies

Extra book copies

Each book package includes one book but if extra copies are desired, just order another one in your account. You can even create a unique dedication from the original for gifting!

Art Return

Artwork can be returned upon request for an additional $25.00. Due to shipping costs, we can no longer include this in our packages.

Image Quality

We pride ourselves on the quality of the art reproduction. A beautiful book is only as good as the image quality on the printed page. What sets us apart from other companies is that our standards of quality assurance is unsurpassed. Our customers have returned year after year for over 10 years and our books keep exceeding their expectations.